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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I was stunned by the images from Baghdad today with Iraqi people and U.S. troops pulling down Saddam Hussein's statue, followed by the Iraqi celebration. It was a compelling moment. As the head of Saddam's statute was dragged through the streets, a boy was hitting his head with his shoe. The war has been quick, however long the clean up may take. I am proud of our troops and how they have tried to relate to the Iraqi people.

Responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of his own people, it has long been known that Saddam is/was an evil person. Elie Wiesel, before the war started, urged a direct intervention in Iraq. As one who suffered under Hitler, Wiesel did not want to allow another tyrant like Hitler to continue to rule.

With horrid fascination I have watched the war unfold, day by day, since the begining three weeks ago. My heart and prayers went out to American families that lost loved ones in the war. And my heart and prayers went out to Iraqi families too. Some of them had loved ones who fought, not by choice but at the point of a gun, or because of threats to their own families. I have prayed for a quick end to the fighting for the sake of both sides.

We have waged war against a cruel regime and won. Good people have died on both sides. More lives will be lost as pockets of the regime are sought out around the country. Good people's lives are still at risk.

We have waged war well, now the question is, how well can we wage peace? It will be a difficult process. May our leaders by wise in helping Iraq to their own rule - and a better and less fearful way of life. It is still a time to pray for Iraq.


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