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Saturday, August 30, 2003
Canon Digital Rebel

The other shoe has finally dropped. When Canon announced the EOS 10D digital SLR, the superb upgrade to the D60, there were rumors about a less expensive sibling hidden somewhere in the wings. I have been producing digital files with the 10D for several months now that can easily be printed print out at sizes up to 12x18 inches with excellent quality.

There is now a less expensive Canon option than the 10D that will still produce the same lucious digital files. Canon has announced the EOS Digital Rebel (the 300D in other parts of the world). The Digital Rebel will have the same 6 megapixel memory chip and the same "DIGIC" color processor as the 10D but in a less expensive Rebel body.

The Digital Rebel body will have less bells and whistles than the 10D, but once the shutter has been pressed, the same high quality digital files as you can get from the 10D will now be yours.

The 10D sells for around $1500. The estimated U.S. price for the Digital Rebel will be around $900. This will be, for a while at least, the most memory per dollar that you can get in a digital SLR.

More information about the Digital Rebel/300D is at the DP REVIEW and at Canon USA.

My reviews of the Canon 10D are here and here.

UPDATE: DP Review posted a review of the Digital Rebel/300D on Sept 4. The review is here.

The part of the review you need to read most carefully, especially if you are choosing between the 10D and the Digital Rebel, is the features that are missing from the Digital Rebel that you get with the 10D.


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