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Friday, January 23, 2004

Google is not only my favorite search engine, it can do lots of other things.

Where is the 303 area code? Just type 303 into Google and click search.

Want to convert ounces to pounds? Just type 897 oz to pounds and click search.

To check on a flight, type American 1257. If it is currently in the air, it will even show you where.

To check out a Universal Product Code, type UPC 034707055407.

Want to do some quick math? Type 87+36 or 512/16, or (3*46)/23.

It is 24 degrees Celsius in Tahiti. What is that in Fahrenheit? Type 24 degrees c in f.

What does a word mean? Type define: sprite.

Whose phone number is it? Type 269-349-7775.

Want to call someone? Type in John, Doe, city or John, Smith, state. Google will list addresses and phone numbers.

Want to track a Fed Ex, UPS, or U.S. Postal Service package? Just type in the tracking number.

Want to buy a nativity set from that business you visited in Alaska? Type phone Windsong Designs, Alaska.

You can get stock quotes, street maps, news headlines and more. You can even shop for the best prices at Froogle.

Pretty amazing! Learn more here.


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