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Monday, January 12, 2004

Northern Lights, Alaska, Photo (c) Jim Doty, Jr.

Sony DSC-F828 Review

The digital camera review that many of us have been waiting for has finally appeared. The news is disappointing.

Image quality of the Sony DSC-F828 is not up to par with other fine digital cameras. Phil at DP Review (my favorite digital camera review site) gave this camera a rating of RECOMMENDED and almost bumped it down to ABOVE AVERAGE. Alas.

Phil is clearly disappointed, and so am I. Not that I planned on getting an F828, but I had hoped it would be a worthy successor to the Sony DSC-F717 and thereby up the digital camera ante for all manufacturers.

For those who don't have prior experience with Phil's rating system, the very best cameras are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, 2nd tier cameras are RECOMMENDED, next comes ABOVE AVERAGE, then AVERAGE and so on.

This is almost like camera update deja vu. Phil gave the Canon G5 a lower rating than its predecessor, the G3. I recommend the Canon G3 over the newer G5 on my primary website.

Now the Sony DSC-F828 has a lower rating than its predecessor, the Sony DSC-F717. The DSC-F717 received a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating from Phil back in October 2002.

Phil's complete review of the Sony DSC-828 is here.

For another and different take on the DSC-F828, read Michael Reichmann's review, follow up comments, and a second review.


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