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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Neat Image 4.0

A crop of the image below, but before filtering. The insets show "filtered" portions of the image.

Version 4.0 of Neat Image software was released earlier this month. There are several versions including a freeware version for non-commercial use. Neat Image is a digital noise filter and it also minimizes grain from scanned film images. The above photo is a crop at 100% (actual pixels) from an original image taken with a Canon 10D at ISO 1600. You can see the grain in the faces, which is actually pretty minimal for 1600 speed. The two insets are from the same image after it has been filtered through Neat Image. The faces look smoother with less digital noise. The complete image is below (filtered and reduced in size).

My review of Neat Image is here.

The full, original image after being filtered in Neat Image.


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