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Monday, June 14, 2004
Canon 1D Mark II Review

This morning DP Review posted a complete review of the Canon 1D Mark II, giving it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, their highest.

This is a remarkable 8 megapixel camera that will shoot at speeds of over 8 frames per second for 40 continuous jpeg frames (20 in RAW mode) before the camera pauses to give the buffer a chance to write to the memory card. Amazing!

The 8.2 MP (megapixel) sensor has more resolution than the Canon EOS 10D (6.3 MP) but less than the Canon 1Ds (11 MP). It also has more resolution than the Nikon D2H (4 MP).

Just as the Nikon D70 is better the Canon Digital Rebel in the sub-$1,000 6 MP category (at least in terms of robust build and features), the Canon 1D Mark II is significantly better than the Nikon D2H in the "news and sports" fast camera category. All of this competition is a good thing.

The price is still a killer at around $4,500 USD, three times the price of the Canon 10D, but still several thousand less than the Canon 1Ds. This camera is a viable alternative to the 1Ds for those who need professional imaging capability with only slightly less resolution (in real life terms) than the Canon 1Ds, provided they can live with the 1.3X lens magnification factor due to the smaller imaging chip. Lenses "seem" to be 30% longer in focal length on the Canon 1D Mark II as compared to a 35mm film camera. (A 100mm lens on the 1D Mark II gives you the same filed of views as a 130mm lens on a 35mm film camera.) This is good for telephoto work but not good for wide angle work.

So how good is this camera? I quote Phil at DP Review: "Is this the ultimate digital SLR? For now I have to say yes, it offers an amazing level of build quality and environmental sealing, superb eight megapixels of resolution, low noise at almost any sensitivity, over eight frames per second (with a forty frame buffer) and near instant performance."

The complete review at DP review is here.


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