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Sunday, June 06, 2004

I am deeply moved by the photos of U.S. war dead returning from Iraq. They speak of sacrifice, loyalty, patriotism, commitment, sorrow, and the high price of war.

I posted one photo with some information about the photographer, Tami Silicio, and the story behind the photo in my May 16 post "ON THE WAY HOME" (see below). If you missed that post, you can read more here and here. Tami Silicio took the photos because she believed the families of the fallen soldiers would be comforted to see how much respect and care were shown to the remains of their loved ones. The photographer has a brief web page here.

Whatever your views on the situation in Iraq, the photos are worth looking at. I have not posted these photos as a protest. (Personally, I believe we should be in Irag but I don't we believe we have made all of the right policy decisions about what we are doing there.)

If you want to see a complete set of photos, the Memory Hole has posted several albums of photos of flag-draped caskets arriving at Dover AFB. Due to very heavy internet traffic, several other sites have mirrored the photos, including this one.


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