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Friday, August 13, 2004

When you refer to your computer mouse, you probably aren't thinking about a living, four-legged, furry critter. My son went to do some work on his computer one evening and found a very young and small mouse happily sprawled out and warming itself on a power block plugged into a power strip. My son and daughter-in-law decided the mouse was too young and cute to kill, so they captured it and turned it loose at the back of their yard. He went back to work at the computer.

Early the next morning, he again headed downstairs to the computer and there was the same mouse, back in the house and warming itself again on the same power block. (Notice the ignored mouse trap, baited with peanut butter.) Once again, the persistent mouse was captured. This time it was taken for a car ride and turned loose at a city park.

And what happens in the unlikey event the mouse finds its way back again? It will be deemed worthy of a proper home and they will keep it.

SEQUEL - August 14

A day after posting the above, I received the following photo and note from my brother-in-law.

"Ours wasn't so lucky."


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