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Friday, October 29, 2004

It looks like Canon has another winner with the Powership S70 digital point and shoot camera. DP Review gave it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, their highest, in a review posted earlier this week.

If you want a high quality digital camera and intend to use it mostly for landscapes and other outdoor photography, or indoors with flash, this camera is a great choice. It suffers, as do most digital point and shoots, with increased noise at higher ISO levels. Autofocus is also slower at the long end of the zoom range in low light.

The really good news is on several fronts. The zoom lens is 28-100mm (35mm equivalent). This is one of the few digital point and shoots to give you a truly wide angle focal length at the wide end of the zoom. The 7 megapixel sensor gives you excellent image quality, especially at lower ISOs. Other features are very good.

If you need a fast lens aperture for shooting inside without flash, this isn't the camera for you. You will want somethng like one of the Canon G series cameras.

You can read all about it in the full review at DP REVIEW, posted here.


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