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Friday, October 22, 2004

Photoshop Elements 3 and
Adobe Premiere Elements

The best image editing software under $100 just got much better, and Adobe has released a "lite" version of their superb movie editing software, Adobe Premiere. More good news, AMAZON and ADOBE are giving BIG rebates for purchases through November 1.

I have used Photoshop (version 5.5 and then CS) and Photoshop Elements (version 1 and then 2) for a long time. Photoshop is THE professional image editing software and is used by professionals everywhere. The one setback is the $600 price tag.

Photoshop Elements will do most of the basic imaging editing of the full scale version for 1/6 the price. Elements satisfies many of my imaging editing needs so I use it a lot when I don't need some of the more exotic features built into full version of Photoshop.

Adobe has now released Elements 3 and it is a big step forward. It adds the Healing Brush from Photoshop CS, all of the features of Adobe Albumm and best of all, Elements 3 will read RAW camera files. Now you don't have to use the slow and clunky software that came with your digital camera to read RAW files.

Photoshop Elements 3 sells for less than $95 but with current rebates from Amazon and Adobe, you can get it for $50. Use the links below.

Adobe Premiere is superb, professional-level movie editing software. Adobe has now released the lite version, Premiere Elements. Now you can edit your digital movies with style, or use all of Premiere's whiz bang features to turn still photos into movies with sound.

The Photoshop Elements 3 and Premiere Elements package costs less than $145 but for a limited time you can get rebates that drops the price to less than $85. Such a deal. More information is here.


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