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Friday, October 29, 2004

Today I got back my photos from sorkeling in Moorea (an island 12 miles west of Tahiti). The snorkeling was fun. The photos were disappointing. In fact, there isn't a single one that I want to scan and post here. There didn't seem to be much point in posting a photo and saying "Those little yellow flecks are fish." Maybe it wasn't QUITE that bad, but close.

I used one of those plastic encased "single-use" underwater cameras, good to a depth of 33 feet, and loaded with 800 speed film. The camera did what it is designed to do. The problem may have had more to do with me. I have a long, long way to go before I am the next Norbert Wu or David Doubilet.

If I am going to take photos of yellow, white, silver, black, and striped fish darting in and out of their hiding places, I will need more experience, slower fish, less motion in the ocean, and maybe better equipment. Whenever I would get lined up on a fish, another swell would roll over me and roll me over. Or the fish would dart for cover.

The camera directions said not to photograph anything closer than 4 feet. At that distance, the fish looked pretty small. I decided this camera was better suited to shooting people in a swimming pool, or much larger fish than I was encounteering (between 2 and 12 inches long).

Anything decent sized and more that four feet away looked just fine.

I don't know when I will go snorkeling again, but if I do, I will probably get the same kind of camera. Why? I don't do enough underwater photography to get a more advanced camera with closeup gear and underwater flash. But then again, I remember when I thought my above water point and shoot was everything I needed. But then I acquired my first SLR and normal lens, followed by a tripod, wide angle lens, telephoto zoom, macro lens, macro ring flash, filters . . . . .

The photo above? I was underwater, but dry in an underwater viewing station, shooting through glass. The fish is out in the South Pacific.

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