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Saturday, December 11, 2004

The recently announced Canon 1Ds Mark II is an extraordinary, 16+ megapixel camera with a 35mm sized imaging sensor. The January 2005 issue of POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY magazine calls it "the new benchmark for image quality in a portable SLR". It exceeds the image quality of 35mm film and compares favorably with medium format film images. All of this for a mere $8,000. The price tag of course means this is only for the well-heeled pro or well-to-do serious amateur. The rest of us will just have to drool a little longer until digital SLRs with full frame sensors become more affordable. There is good news for the rest of us in the Canon 20D and Nikon D70, two excellent digital SLRs at a fraction of the price of the 1Ds Mark II. Other good cameras are out there and in the works.

Two of the best online sources of information about the 1Ds II are the preview at DP Review and the review at the Luminous Landscape. Hopefully, DP Review will have a full review posted soon.


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