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Friday, April 08, 2005

Good news for photographers with Nikon equipment. Today Nikon UK confirmed recent rumors of two new Nikon digital SLRs that will be introduced later this month. One will be a replacement for the Nikon D-70. The other will be a new and lower priced entry level camera.

The Nikon D-70 is one of the best digital SLRs in the under $2,500 category. An even better version will be welcome. Having another camera even less expensive than the D70 is also good news.

Rumored to be called the D-70s and D-50, both cameras are good news for anyone with Nikon lenses that is thinking about making the move to digital.

The original press release is here.

The text of the press release follows:

*** *** ***

"Friday April 8, 2005

Nikon Product News Update

Following recent speculation, Nikon UK is pleased to confirm the launch of two new digital SLR cameras to be launched towards the end of April 2005.

Both cameras have been designed to meet the requirements of the entry-level digital SLR user. The first will position itself as successor to the Nikon D70, offering an upgraded version to this highly commended D-SLR. The camera will incorporate the latest in Nikon technology, whilst retaining the functionality and quality which has come to be expected from the D70.

In addition to this, Nikon will be introducing a second D-SLR, specifically designed for consumers looking to upgrade from a digital compact to the next level of digital photography. The camera will be affordable and easy to use, perfect for the D-SLR beginner.

More detailed information on both new products will follow shortly."


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