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Sunday, August 14, 2005

If you like gorgeous, world class cinematography - GO!

If you like beautiful music - GO!

If you like fascinating "natural history" stories - GO!

National Geographic and Warner Independent Pictures have done themselves proud with this movie.

This movie has some of the most stunning cinematography I have ever seen. You get wonderful shots of the penguins and sweeping Antarctic landscape vistas. This movie is worth seeing for the nature photography alone.

Morgan Freeman lends his golden voice as the narrator. The music is beautiful. What these penguins go through to produce a new generation is amazing. I don't know how the photographers pulled this off in an Antarctic winter with temperatures that get down to 80 below and winds that hit 100 miles per hour.

This isn't one of those nicey- nicey, warm and fuzzy specials where all of the hard edges of the story are avoided. You do see the tragic end of some of the penguins along with all of the "warm" and wonderful moments.

Are their any flaws? Yes. There a a couple of times that the narration is a bit much. No problems with Morgan Feeman's delivery. No big flaws in the cinematography or the choice of music. I could hear the soft snores of the person behind me who was lulled to sleep by the music. Or maybe they just aren't into nature photography.

If you like the nature specials by National Geographic, you will love March of the Penguins. If this is the kind of movie you like, go now while you can see it on the big screeen.

There are video clips, photos, and more at the movie's website.

If you aren't into nature and landscape photography, then this movie isn't for you. You can enjoy a pleasant evening at home.


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