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Monday, February 13, 2006

Grizzly Bear Man is a parody of the movie Grizzly Man. The parody is an 18MB download and you will meed QuickTime (a free download for Windows or Mac) installed on your computer to watch it. Featuring "Tommy Treadlow," much of the parody will only make sense if you've seen the original movie. This is definitely a low budget production with a "limited" cast.

Some of the scenes that parallel the original movie are the back scratching bear, Treadlow with the bears (different names, same bear costume), the pilot, Treadlow's "I wish I were gay" speech (yes that is part of the part of the original movie), the director with Treadlow's ex-girlfriend, and Treadlow with the fox. In a thoughtful and touching scene from the original movie, the director tells Treadwell's ex-girlfriend never to listen to the tape of Timothy's death. Some of the add-ons to this scene in the parody (like "the book" segment) are as humorous as the original scene is touching.

On the other hand, there are some offensive scenes in poor taste that I would have left out of the parody. It is not politically correct. More info is here.


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