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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Stanford Memorial Church. Photo by Jim Doty Jr.

Memorial Church, Stanford University. Photo © Jim Doty, Jr.

Stanford University in Palo Alto California has a beautiful campus. One of the photographic opportunities is the Memorial Church which is open for visitors until 5 pm (except on Sunday when it is open only for services). Visitors wander around to take it all in and take pictures. I had to wait for a while until no one was in my photo.

A tiny flash on a point-and-shoot camera won't help much in the large sanctuary. Use a high ISO (film or digital) and a wide aperture if you take hand held photos. Better yet, bring a tripod. I used a tripod mounted camera with a wide angle lens.

Data: Canon 5D, EF 17-40mm lens set at 20mm. Aperture: f/16, Shutter: 2 seconds, ISO 100.


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