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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Cut River Gorge. Photo copyright Jim Doty Jr.

Cut River Gorge from the Cut River Bridge. Photo © Jim Doty, Jr.

The Cut River Bridge in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a popular spot. On the day I was there, lots of tourists were lined up on the bridge to take photos.

The view is beautiful in any season and especially in the fall. The only secret to getting a good photo is to wait until cars and trucks pass by before clicking the shutter since the bridge sways with the traffic. If it is a cloudy day, leave out all or most of the gray sky. Contrary to popular belief, fall colors can be rich and saturated when it is cloudy as it was on the morning I took this photo.

I've seen several published versions of the same scene from a variety of professional photographers. This is a popular place. From just north of the the Mackinac Bridge between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, leave I-75 and take U.S. 2 west. It is less than a 30 minute drive from the Mackinac Bridge to the Cut River Bridge. There are parking lots and picnic tables on each side of the bridge.

Data: Canon 5D. Canon EF 24-105 lens at 37mm. Aperture: f/8. Shutter: 1/30. ISO: 100.


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