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Monday, October 02, 2006


Tahquamenon Falls. Photo copyright Jim Doty Jr

Upper Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan. Photo © Jim Doty, Jr.

My two favorite places to film fall color are Colorado and Michigan. Colorado aspens turn gold and Michigan maples turn red. The color show in Colorado is beginning to wind down. Due to an unfortnate mix of weather conditions, the color show in Colorado was not as stunning as it usually is, but reports indicate there were some pockets of fine color (check out Todd Caudle's photos on this thread). Unfortunately, I didn't get to check this out for myself.

On the other hand, reports from Michigan indicate that the UP (upper peninsula) looks great this year and the color is working it's way south. If you are headed for the UP, go now. I updated my fall color report page with some new Michigan links for the benefit of everyone who will be filming the gorgeous colors in the Great Lakes State.

The photo above of Upper Tahquamenon Falls is one of my favorites and it is currently linked to by a number of websites. The water really is "tea" colored due to leeching from trees in the area.

Other places in the country should also have some great color. Go out and have some fun!


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