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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Canon EOS 40D

This week, Canon announced the latest in their series of mid-range digital SLR cameras. The 40D is a modest upgrade and a worthy successor to the 30D

Some of the upgrades include:

A larger sensor, 10 megapixels, up from 8 megapixels in the 30D.

Digic III image processor for improved image quality.

A larger 3.0 inch LCD viewing screen on the back.

Live preview on the LCD. Now you can preview the image on the LCD before clicking the shutter, just like on you favorite digital point-and-shoot.

Improved burst rate and higher capacity buffer. You can capture jpegs at 6.5 frames per second instead of 5 fps on the 30D. Canon claims you can capture 75 images at this rate versus 30 on the 30D.

Dust prevention and cleaning system, just like on the Canon Rebet XT and Canon 1Ds Mark III.

The specifications sound good. Will this new camera live up to expectations? Given Canon's past history, probably, but that isn't a guarantee (see the next paragraph). I will let you know when full reviews with complete tests are available.

As always, I advise you not to buy a camera until a few months after its release. That allows time for bugs to show up, and hopefully, be corrected. That way you won't be burned like the photographers that bought the Canon 1D Mark III which has serious auto-focus problems that have NOT been resolved by the recent firmware update.

You can read more details on the Canon 40D in DP Review's preview article and at Canon's web site.


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